erin d.

"I couldn't imagine having my first baby without a doula. BEST DECISION EVER. My only regret is not finding her earlier in my pregnancy."

Hey girl, I'm Erika! As a registered dietitian, fitness instructor, AND doula you can rest easy knowing every part of you will be supported. I help courageous women of color take control of their pregnancy, birth and postpartum by empowering them to nourish their whole body with food, mindset shifts, and fitness.

I am your pregnancy/postpartum BFF. I can help you prep for baby, overcome your fear of birth, feel confident in your decisions as a new mom, and more - no matter your location with my virtual and in person doula support services. 

Meet your doula bff!

registered dieitian & doula in jacksonville florida

can be changed completely through proper nutrition from foods focused on healing and recovery

postpartum recovery

in your diet that can affect you and your baby's development. I have the scientific background that will let me look at nutrients needed vs what you are currently eating.

prevent deficiencies

through nutrition - common symptoms include nausea, heart burn, leg cramps, constipation, food aversions and more

manage symptoms

like pre-eclampsia, high or low fetus weight measurements, hypertension, gestational diabetes

avoiding complications

to manage any health conditions during and after pregnancy (for example, diabetes or gastric sleeve)

optimal nutrition

Here's a list of things a Registered Dietitian & doula can help you with:

My holistic approach looks at diet, sleep, stress management and movement in addition to the standard doula support. I can decipher what nutrients you and your baby may be missing from your diet.

why you need a dietitian as your doula

fun facts about me

Registered Dietitian by day, doula by night

Before PND I was really into crafting, but now I'm focused on honing my craft as a doula.

I used to be #teamtoomuch when it came to parties ("why be basic when you can be bougie")

but since COVID I've realized how precious the simple family dinner is and have enjoyed smaller gatherings.

I'm still a sucker for girls nights though!

Why wouldn't you want the support of someone who can support the WHOLE you with evidence based care.

You're growing a whole human mama! 

Registered dietitian & doula support